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Know your Gothra  &   find your KulaDevatha !!!    


Find out your KulaDevatha if you know your Gothram and 'Paik' from tables given below:- 

KULADEVATHA Kulavee's Gothram & ' Paik" (surname)
MAHALASA  NARAYANI Bharadwaja Gothram  - Pai
Athri Gothram -Pai
Kaushika  Gothram -Pai
Gargya Gothram -Shenoy
Gargya Gothram -Kamath
Gargya Gothram- Bhat
Kaushika Gothram -Bhaktha
Athri Gothram- Bhat
Vatsa Gothram- Baliga
Koundinya Gothram- Shenoy
Koundinya Gothram -Nayak
Koundinya Gothram -Pai
Koundinya Gothram -Bhat
Vatsa Gothram -Bhat
Koundinya Gothram- Kini



Kaushika Gothram -Prabhu
Kaushika Gothram -Kamath
Kashyap Gothram- Hegde
Kashyap Gothram -Baliga
NAGESH  MAHALAKSHMI Bharadwaja Gothram -Prabhu
Vatsa Gothram -Mallya
Koushika Gothram -Nayak
KARTHYAYANI  BANESHWAR Koushika Gothram  -Shenoy
Kashyapa Gothram -Prabhu
NARASIMHA SHANTHADURGA VIJAYA DURGA Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothram - Nayak
Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothram -Padiyar
Shankha Pingala Kounsa Gothram-----------Bhandarakar
MAHAMAYA Kondinaya Gothram -Kamath

KulaDevathas to be defined through "Niroopam":-

                         Kulavees                            Kula Devatha
Kaushik Gothram -Bhat Mahalasa Narayni       - or-Damodar Mahalakshmi
Kashyap Gothram-Nayak DevakiKrishna Ravalnath -or- Damodar Mahalakshmi
Vatsa Gothram- Prabhu Karthyayani Baneshwar -or-Damodar Mahalakshmi-or-

Devaki Krishna Ravalnath

Bharadwaj Gothram -Shenoy Karthyayani Baneshwar-or-Damodar Mahalakshmi
Bharadwaj Gothram-Bhat Karthyayani Baneshwar -or-Mahamaya-Damodar Mahalakhmi
Vatsa Gothram -Pai Damodar Mahalalakshmi-or-Nagesh Mahalakshmi
Kaushika Gothram-Kini Mahalasa Narayani -or-Damodar Mahalakshmi-or-Nagesh Mahalakshmi
Vatsa Gothram-Kini Ramanath Shantheri Kamakshi -or -Nagesh Mahalakshmi
Bharadwaj Gothram -Kini Mahalasa Narayani-or -Damodar Mahalakshmi
Gautham Gothram-Mallya- or -Prabhu Mahalasa Narayani-or-Damodar Mahalakshmi-or-Nagesh Mahalakshmi-or-Ramanath Shantheri Kamakshi-or-Karthyayani Baneshwar -or -Devaki Krishna Rawalnath
Procedure for defining Kula Devatha through 'Niroopam':-
  • The head of the family whose KulaDevatha is to be defined through Niroopam should go along with family members to IshTa Devatha temple and convey to Bhatmam the intention. 

  • As per the clue provided in the above table, depending upon the 'Gothram' and 'Paik'(Shenoy,Kamath,Pai,etc.,)the names of the probable Kula Devathas should be written in separate slips of paper and deposited in a vessel.

  •  Then pray to  IshTa Devatha with full devotion and faith to get Kula Devatha defined for the family and have  draw taken.

  • Kula Devatha mentioned therein will be the Kula Devatha for the family as ordained by God and shall be accepted as such  with full reverence and devotion for daily worship.
                Those who belong to Gothram and 'Paik" not mentioned in the above list ,are advised to have 'darshan' of  Dharma PeeTha and have their Kula Devatha defined for them.

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