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"ayam nijah paro veththi gananam laghuchethasam !                                         udhara charithaanam thu vasudhaiva kutumbakam !!"

The world is one family

  • Are we tired of selfish motives ? then the above aphorism exhorts us to rise above the baser ego-centric desires ! 

  • What is the reason behind this insatiable thirst for personal gains and becoming  oblivious of others in our daily dealings with outer world ?

  • Dullness, heedlessness and illusion -the symptoms of "Tamas" veil our   discriminating  capacity   and makes  us "Laghu Chetasam"

  • As the wheel of action excludes none ,let not fruit of action be exclusively for "I/Me " but let it be shared by all of us like the kith and kin of the one  human family  on this planet. By so doing  the word "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam "will become true to the sense of the term ...Swamy Tadgatananda

 In these pages ,an attempt is made to serve  our community members  in solving  problems and participation in the areas such as :


  • Nirvana through Yaksha Prashna. This episode is taken from Vana Parva of Mahabharatha.hnardPrashnavali 

  • Ghar-NIVAS.Are you in search of  an Accommodation? Do you need a good tenant for your vacant house ?

  • Jobs to  jobseekers in the page "UdyogArthi"

  • Employers with vacancies ..go to the page "UdyogPathi "

  • Life partners can be chosen from the page "Matrimonials"

  • List of  family members/ persons at  "Family Tree/Directory'

  • Let us remember our dear departed , pay homage at  "Sadgathi "

  • Senior citizens' plight is pitiable .Have an insight! 

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