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A nounce  your family special occasions & Cyber Celebrate with web warmth  at  web-sannidhi of Kuladevatha

Why ?

  • Special occasions such as Wedding /Birthday /Anniversary/Upanayanam are celebrations with spiritual and religious significance in ones' family. 

  • These are the times for one to make yatra to Kuladevatha temples and seek blessings of family-deities i.e. Kuladevatha .

  • Present day jet- set life- pattern has compelled us to cut- short elaborate rituals and we conduct Shubh Karmas in a miniature form to save time and resources .

  •  Internet has come handy in this context and to our convenience we have this website of  Sri Kuladevatha Mandir Complex Ambalamedu,Kochi where all our Kuladevathas are installed by our Parama Poojaneeya Guruvaryas according to Vedic rites. 

  • Then what do you wait for? Let us make Cyber- Yatra to Kuladevatha Temples and cyber celebrate our family special occasions at the web-sannidhi of kuladevatha

How ?

Here are the' nuts and bolts' of cyber celebrations:  We provide web- presence by designing and uploading a "event -description" on this  website for example -

  • WEDDING: Let the Bride and Bridegroom be viewed by web surfers and the visitors record their well wishes . Put the photos of newly- weds with all their dazzling fine jewellery and gorgeous dress on the Internet for the whole world to see the once-in-a-lifetime event! Click for typical pages: Wedding 
  • NEW ARRIVAL : (Baby boy ? or Baby girl ?):Click for typical page: New Arrival  
  • WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Cyber-Celebrate Wedding Anniversary Click for typical page: Wedding Anniversary 
  • SHASTIABDAPOORTHI:Read everything about this 'Second' marriage ' and see a typical page Shastipoorthi 
  • BIRTHDAY: Cyber celebrate your Birthdays of your dear near ones .Click for typical page:Birthday 

Page on similar lines as above will be designed for /Upanayanam etc also based on the details furnished to us by you:-

I . Basic "event- description" (TEXT MATTER-without graphics)

  • Celebrant's Name
  • Name of celebration i.e. Birthday, Wedding etc
  • Names of the relatives which are to be published in connection with the celebration
  • Venue of the celebration
  • Date of celebration.
  • Time of celebration.

II. PHOTO:( Maximum 3 Nos)

Photos will be returned if required after scanning and processing .


  • Design & uploading charge...Free "event -description" (text only) for 6months

  • Extra for publishing photo Rs 100/=per photo in the photo album

Please send your order with details to  webmaster at following address:-

  • K.V.Kamath,m,Anugraha Charitable Trust Bldgs,Opp: Sudheendra Hospital,Kacheripady ,Chittoor Road,Kochi- 682018.

  • Payment: By M.O. or Your crossed cheque/DID. drawn in favour of Mr.K.V.Kamath  ,payable at Ernakulam may be sent to above address  ( Alternatively simply put the currency notes in an postal envelope and send to above address ) 

  •   Contact  Telephone 0484-2371024  

  • E-mail:

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