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Shri.Jagadish Ranga Shenoy

29th March ,02



Shshtiabdapoorthi-A Vedic Celebration of Graduageing .

Turning sixty is a social-religious event in India especially in south.Shashtiabdapoorthi is a family event , when a 'remarriage 'of the couple, is performed .This unusual custom marked by rituals, reverberating with the 'mantras ' is spiritually and mentally rejuvenating for a couple who are 'graduageing' .Witnessed by the next generaton,it is a social event that reflects continuity

The social, religious and spiritual connotations of this function

When a man turns sixty it is not just another birthday that is to be celebrated with usual greetings,,gifts,cards,flowers,cake and candles. While it may include all that ,it also calls  for no less   than a sacred Vedic celebration called Shshtiabdapoorti:'Shasti' being 60,'Abdam' the year, with Poorti signifying the completion of 60 years  in a man's lifetime. It is also a happy event that reinforces the existing  bond between the man and his wife and is expressed in the unusual  custom of a remarriage of the couple watched fondly by a retinue of children grandchildren ,relations and friends.              

At sixty ,man had crossed only 50% of his life because the actual span of his life is 120 years according toVedas.A sixtieth year, which is just half the span of time originally given to man is considered a critical period .According to the science of Hindu  numerology ,6 happens to be an uneasy number and therefore 60 is a time when the ruling planet of a person may have an adverse effect on a man's life; He performs a religious Shanti, a measure undertaken to ensure good health, peace and longevity.

How does it feel to  be sixty? For most of us it is conscious ageing, an increasing awareness that though the body is ephemeral the spirit on the contrary ,can soar! It can take us through hitherto unexplored paths, for  sixty is certainly a time when man  pauses to take stock  of the life gone by and to begin a new chapter in life, unfettered by professional commitments. Now he is free to answer his own inner calling for things  beyond the material domain. In this frame of mind, he is equipped to combat the physical fatigue that sets in with age, to counter a certain slowness and exhaustion which overtakes those who are prepared to comprehend the  implications of age . For the mentally alert, it is a time for thinking about the new options  in life , a wonderful chance of using one's freedom from the daily grind in office for pleasurable and spiritually nourishing activities.....(Source "Dignity Dialogue)


Shri G.Gopalakrishna Pai 

with his wife

Shrimathi Swarnalatha .G.Pai  

celebrates his Shasitiabdapoorthi (Sixtieth Birthday) 

at his residence South Cherlai,Kochi-2

on 20thMay2001

We wish  both of them

 many more years of healthy and fruitful life :

(You are invited to write your message in the  book  )


Shri(Dr.)Brahmavar Ramanatha Pai 

with his wife

Shrimathi(Dr.) Shobha Pai  

celebrates his Shasitiabdapoorthi (Sixtieth Birthday) 

at Ankola 

21st July 2001

With Best complements from      

  • Shri .Ashwin Pai (Eldest Son)

  • Shrimathi. Geetha Pai (Daughter )

  • Shri.Naveen Pai (Youngest Son)

  • Friends & Relatives

Let us wish them  many more years of healthy and fruitful life :

(You are invited to write your message in the  book  )


Shri Jagadish Ranga Shenoy   

with his wife 

Shrimathi Shakuntala.J. Shenoy 

celebrates his sixtieth birthday on 29th March,2002 at his residence at Mulund ,Mumbai

With Best complements from:

  • Shri .Prashanth Shenoy (Son)

  • Shrimathi Anita Shenoy (Daughter -in-law)

  • Shrimathi (Dr.)Preethi Shenoy .B.D.S

  • Shri.Dilip Kini (Son-in-law )      

Let us wish them  many more years of healthy and fruitful life :

(You are invited to write your message in the  book  )



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