Sri Kuladevatha Prasanna

Welcome Sri Mahaganapathi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mahamaya Sri Damodar Sri Nagesh Baneshwar Sri Ramanath Shantheri Kamakshi Sri Mahalasa Narayani Sri Mahalakshmi Sri Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Vishranthi Seva/Festival Roots Route Map Divine Sight Reethi n' Rivaaz


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(Anticlockwise) 1.Sri MahaGanapathi, 2.Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha Mahamaya.   3.Sri.Damodar     4.Sri.Nagesh. 5.Sri.Ramanath Shantheri Kamakshi 6 Sri.Mahalasa Narayan 7.Sri.Mahalakshmi. 8.Sri.Devaki Krishna Ravalnath

Background: H.H.Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji once told the community in Kerala that their welfare is likely to be affected if they forgot their roots. He added that all GSBs have from time immemorial had their own family- deities or KulaDevathas in Goa and if these Gods and Goddesses are neglected ,they will be inviting divine wrath. He then identified eight deities and insisted that temples be built for them .The KulaDevathas in Goa and Konkan area lay scattered but here they could all be accommodated in one complex .


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